How well do YOU know Big Time Rush?

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Big Time Rush is my favorite show and one of my favorite bands! If you like Big Time Rush, you are most likely an awesome person. This quiz is pretty specific and may be a bit difficult, so please don't get annoyed if you don't know a few of the answers!

Well, let's see how much YOU know about Big Time Rush! Just answer twenty two questions, and please choose your answers wisely! I really hope you like it! Have fun and good luck to you! :)

Created by: Kacie

  1. What is Carlos's REAL last name?
  2. These two people are the "Party Hollywood Kings of Hollywood"
  3. Katie is which of the boys' little sister on the show?
  4. On the first episode of BTR, "Big Time Auditions", who auditions first, second, third, and fourth, in order.
  5. Which song is track 3 on the first album?
  6. What are the first five tracks on Elevate?
  7. Who is the youngest?
  8. Which of the boys enjoy playing Cover Girl most?
  9. He loves corn dogs
  10. He dresses as a girl to get in to a school
  11. Who breaks Gustavo's statue?
  12. What is the name of Gustavo's cat?
  13. What does Gustavo have locked in his fridge?
  14. When the boys have to attend Gustavo's school of Rocque, how do they get rid of the first teacher?
  15. What sport do the boys play at the school of Rocque, and what animal is the mascot?
  16. On the Show,Who has trouble asking out a girl and who helps him?
  17. Who gets first turn on the swirly slide, when it's first built?
  18. What does Fabio sell?
  19. What was the song that was playing when the boys were in the limo in the first episode?
  20. The boys always bring a girl up on stage and sing to her at their concerts. What song do they sing?

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