Which Big Time Rush guy are you most like?

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Ok, I'll start off by saying I love Big Time Rush. Kendall is my favourite, but I love them all. They are hilarious and make me laugh. I love their show.

I also love their music. Big Time Rush Elevate 24/Seven. All day everyday is a holiday and we're alright 24/Seven. So this quiz is about who you are most like, not mostly likely to date.

Created by: GreenEyedHippie

  1. Pick a quote.
  2. Favourite colour.
  3. Favourite social webstie.
  4. Who is the cutest?
  5. Which band?
  6. Pick one.
  7. Pick one.
  8. Pick one.
  9. Pick one.
  10. Pick one.
  11. How do you pose for pictures?

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Quiz topic: Which Big Time Rush guy am I most like?