Just How Much of a RUSH Fan Are You?

Many people can call themselves Rush fans. Those who are REALLY Rush fans know better. There is a certain level of knowledge and taste that must be attained in order to be truly worthy of being called a Rush fan.

Are you one of the honest-to-goodness Rushians? Do you, when you see a plane fly overhead in the night sky, imagine Neil writing the words to Presto? Or FBN, perhaps? Or are you so lowly a fan that you imagine him up there asking for more peanuts? Let's see if Rush owes you brownie points for being aware of trivial things brought to your attention by this quiz. And if you're not qualified, rest assured you can still fork out bucks to see them.

Created by: tina
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  1. What is the name of the poem upon which Al's "Victor" is named?
  2. Which tourbookhas a misspelling of a song on the back inside cover?
  3. Which tourbook has a reference to Richard, and who is he?
  4. What is "Project 3:57"?
  5. What is Neil's favorite color?
  6. What does Geddy avoid when touring?
  7. What's the meaning of "The Twilight Zone"?
  8. What's the best tribute to Rush you could create?
  9. What are those red blotches towards the top of the P/G cover artwork?
  10. What is "YYZ"?
  11. A common item in the DS cover art, the Far Cry Video,and Manhattan Project lyrics
  12. Fill in the blank in this quote from Neil: "Rush?? _______ ?? What the hell is that??"
  13. The Zen farmer says, according to Neil:
  14. FBN, COS, Signals, MP, Presto, and S&A album covers have what in common?
  15. What did Alex say about Neil when Neil auditioned for Rush?

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Quiz topic: Just How Much of a RUSH Fan am I?