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Actually meant to be called "Adventures in Odyssey Trivia" but I can't change the name! :( This is an adventures in odyssey trivia. It is based on the radio drama. Come take the test to see how well versed you are at AIO. So come try you're knowledge out!

So come try it out! Good luck. I've spent most of my life listening to Adventures in Oddysey. My knowledge comes from a long time of built yup episodes... not from wiki.

Created by: B

  1. Who does Eugene marry?
  2. Are Benard and Eugene related?
  3. Who likes to blog about Whit's End?
  4. Who is Jared's younger brother?
  5. Who does Trent marry?
  6. Who does Connie get engaged to?
  7. Who is Tasha?
  8. What is Jimmy's job in the present?
  9. T/F the name of Whit's radio station "KIDS radio"
  10. Who does Jack Davis marry?
  11. What is Robyn's last name?
  12. Who in Odyssey has a garage band?
  13. What happened to Jared DeWhite?
  14. Was Whit ever married?
  15. What does Connie get her dad for father's day?

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