The people of Odyssey

Raise your hand if you think you are addicted to Adventures in Odyssey (AIO). If you did, then you probably know alot about Odyssey and the people who live there.

Are you an Odyssey genius? An Odyssey genius is someone who has the IQ of Eugene when it comes to Odyssey and listens to AIO every day and knows everything about every episode and characters. Take this quiz to find out if you are an Odyssey genius.

Created by: A.m
  1. Which Whittaker posed as the Stilletto in the Green ring conspiracy?
  2. In what episode do we hear the line "Jason Whitaker, what are you doing here?" (it was a live show)
  3. In which episode does Bernard Walton accompany Wooton Bassett to Alaska?
  4. Who was the only other real person besides Chris to visit Odyssey?
  5. Which one of these are Bassetts?
  6. Who said "Ignorance of the law is no excuse"
  7. In what episode was the first and last time we heard the song "Communicate"?
  8. In what episode do we first hear "Have you ever been to Odyssey"?
  9. True or false Connie has a half sister named Jules
  10. Where is Connie originally from
  11. Which character has appeared in every episode?
  12. True or false Ethan Daniels, Phil Jinkins, and Intern James of the Ceiling fan podcast went on a road trip to find Odyssey
  13. We all know Wooton is the creator of Captain Absolutely and Powerboy, but what are these two heroes' arch nemesises?
  14. John Avery Whittaker is the kind hearted owner of Whit's end. What was Whit'end before it was what it is today?
  15. Trent DeWhite used to have a fear of public speaking, who else in his family also had trouble speaking in front of a crowd?

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