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"Hi, this is Chris. Welcome to Adventures in Odyssey." Odyssey is your typical Midwestern town with quite a few unusual characters. All of them can be seen around town.

How well do you know Odyssey`s residents` favorite hangouts and where they are located? Take this quiz to see how well you know where everything in Odyssey is.

Created by: A.m

  1. Whit's end is the place to be in Odyssey. Before it was Whit's end, it was the Filmore recreation center. Which Whittaker worked to stop the city from recking the rec center?
  2. Wooton Bassett is often seen helping out an elderly lady named Mrs Randolph. Whose house can he see from her roof?
  3. Connie Kendall is one of kid`s closest friends at Whit`s End. Her mom June Kendall grew up in Odyssey, which one of her uncles owns a grocery store?
  4. Bart Rathbone is Odyssey`s resident con artist. What is the name of his electronic store?
  5. Odyssey wasn`t always called Odyssey. It was originally called Way-akel-neke (land that stinks like swamp). Who first called Odyssey?
  6. In the episode the Mailman cometh, Tamika and Marvin Washington see Wooton Bassett all over town. What are the places they saw him?
  7. Up by Trickle lake, there is a summer camp called ______.
  8. John Avery Whittaker has spent quite a bit of his life in Odyssey, but he actually was born in _______.
  9. Jason Whittaker has traveled all over the world. In the episode Home again, he returns to Odyssey. Where does he stay upon his return?
  10. Eugene Meltsner first attended college at fourteen. What is the name of the college were he now is a professor?

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