All about Wooton

Wooton Bassett is Odyssey`s resident mailman, comic book creator, part time help at Whit`s End who is certainly not normal and that is a very good thing. He is also one of Adventures in Odyssey most beloved characters.

How much do you know about Wooton? Have you listened to every episode he has appeared in from Welcoming Wooton to the Cure and made a timeline of his life? If you did or even if you didn`t take this quiz anyway.

Created by: A.m

  1. Wooton Bassett is Odyssey`s resident mailman, and often takes detours to help people. In what episode is he fired from his job at the post office because of these detours?
  2. In the Odyssey Adventure club three part episode the Cure Wooton visits his old stomping grounds in what state?
  3. In the episode For the fun of it Wooton`s niece Talia visits him. What is her dad`s name and how is he related to Wooton?
  4. True or false Wooton knows half the people in the phone book.
  5. Wooton is often seen helping out an elderly lady named Mrs Randolph. Who`s house can he see from her roof?
  6. What song can Wooton play on any instrument?
  7. In Welcoming Wooton we learn that to get into his house you have to do the secret knock. How do you leave his house?
  8. What is the name of his pet duck?
  9. Which comic book character created by Wooton is the defender of truth, justice, and a lot more truth!
  10. In Tuesdays with Wooton, which boy does Wooton meet and becomes the fatherly figure in his life?
  11. In The ties that bind part 14 who does Wooton propose to?

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