How Well Do You Know the AIO characters?

Hi there. There are many AIO fans out there, but few know the facts. Let us see if you know yourfacts about Adventures in Odyssey (or mostly Connie Kendall 😂).

Connie Kendall is my favorite Adventures in Odyssey character, so it's mostly about her, but there are a few questions about: Jason, Whit,Eugene, and Penny. Are you ready? Here we go!

Created by: Hannah Sky

  1. Connie has a half-sister. What is her name ?
  2. What is Connie's favorite color?
  3. Eugene has what color eyes?
  4. How old was Connie when she came to Odyssey?
  5. Connie wears what size in pants?
  6. Eugene plays what 2 instuments
  7. Johnathon Avery Whittaker has a nickname. What is it?
  8. Whit was born where?
  9. Who is Whit's younger son?
  10. Connie hates blind dates even more than..
  11. Where did Connie come from?
  12. Connie had a Golden Labrador Retriever named..
  13. Jason is a..

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know the AIO characters?