All about Odyssey

Adventures in Odyssey is one of Focus on the Family's best known productions. Many families have listened to Adventures in Odyssey throughout the generations.

How well do you know Adventures in Odyssey? Have you listened to several episodes over the years? Take this quiz to see how well you know Adventures in Odyssey.

Created by: A.m
  1. What is the name of the only character whose name is her actual name?
  2. What was Whit`s End before it was Whit`s End?
  3. Which Whittaker posed as the Stiletto in the Green ring conspiracy?
  4. Jack Allen is Whit`s childhood friend. In what episode does he come to Odyssey to visit Whit but ends up as the manager of Whit`s End?
  5. True or false Jack Allen helped start B-TV
  6. Who is the host of B-Tv?
  7. What is the name of the summer camp where Connie and Eugene both attended and were known as "the Avenger" and "Goggles".
  8. Who said it: "Pray continue."
  9. Who is Odyssey`s resident genius and all around geek?
  10. What is the zip code for Colorado Springs?
  11. Adventures in Odyssey is a presentation of ___________ ___ ___ __________.

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