The Kids of Adventures in Odyssey, which are you?

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In Adventures in Odyssey, you often hear of the elder characters (Connie, Whit, etc.) but you almost never hear of the kids. So, here is a character quiz over our favorite kids in Odyssey.

Which of the kids are you? Where do you fit in at Odyssey, and in Whit's End? FIND OUT now!

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  1. How much time do you spend on the computer daily?
  2. Someone gives you free money, and tells you to do what you wish with it...
  3. Are you good at sports?
  4. Are you good at school?
  5. Do you have a website?
  6. Are you suspicous?
  7. Your imagination is... (5 is really good, 1 is terrible)
  8. Do you have a garage band?
  9. Have you ever gone through a really rough phase (or phases) in your life.
  10. Do you like to write?
  11. Do you have spy equipment?
  12. Do you perform?
  13. Lastly, would you ever wear a trench coat in the dead of summer because you're pretending like you are a detective?

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Quiz topic: The Kids of Adventures in Odyssey, which am I?