Who said it [Odyssey edition]

Adventures in Odyssey is the most well known Focus on the Family's productions. for the last twenty plus years AIO has entertained several generations of listeners.

How well do you know who said what line? Do you know the difference between bernard and Eugene? do you often quote Whit? do you often enjoy Connie's outspokenness? If you do, this is the quiz for you.

Created by: A,m

  1. "Welcome to Adventures in Odyssey!"
  2. "Pop me like popcorn and call me crackerjack!"
  3. "Did it involve licorice?"
  4. "Good morning class, sorry I'm late."
  5. "Let's punch the highway!"
  6. "Everybody smitten."
  7. "Jason Whittaker, what are you doing here?"
  8. "Even with two syllable words I still couldn't understand a word he said."
  9. "Connie Kendall kicked a coppper can carelessly."
  10. "Now my speech is twice as long!"
  11. "Penny, will you marry me?"
  12. "Why don't you write to me and tell me about it. Oh wait you can't the Odyssey post office has been disinigrated."

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