Odyssey [podcasts, albums, and fans oh my]

Adventures in Odyssey has been on the radio for the last twenty some years and is a beloved family program. The characters have left their mark. Several AIO fans have even made podcasts about it.

Do you listen to Adventures in Odyssey fan podcasts? Do you know every thing about them? What about the albums? What about the Ceiling fan podcast? If you think you know AIO podcasts, take this quiz.

Created by: A.m

  1. Who [according to himself] is the BIGGEST ODYSSEY FAN EVER!!!!!!!!
  2. What are the names of the hosts of the Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast?
  3. Who said "With God and this podcast every day is an adventure!"
  4. What is the name of Album 59?
  5. Which podcast hosts the Avery awards?
  6. who was the first intern on the Ceiling fan?
  7. how many episodes are there in the Green Ring conspiracy?
  8. In which album does Jason Whittaker returns to Odyssey for good?
  9. Who is the co-host of the Ceiling fan podcast who is secretly a secret agent who is supposed to be retired?
  10. Which one of these is an actual podcast?
  11. In which album are we introduced to Captain Absolutely?
  12. What episode and album do we hear the rap song Communicate?
  13. True or false Jay Smouse`s actor is actually named Whit.
  14. In what album does Wooton propose to Penny Wise?

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