Two cousins (Adventures in Odyssey)

Adventures in Odyssey is the most famous of Focus on the Family`s productions. Two of its most beloved characters are two cousins known as Eugene Meltsner and Bernard Walton.

How well do you know Eugene Meltsner and Bernard Walton? Have listen to both Connie part 1 and By any other name? What about Last in a long line? If you have or even if you didn`t, take this quiz anyway.

Created by: A.m

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  1. In what episode does Eugene Meltsner and Bernard Walton find out that they're distant cousins?
  2. Eugene Meltsner is one of Adventures in Odyssey`s most beloved characters. What episode does he first appeared in?
  3. In what episode does Bernard tell Artie Powell the story of Joseph and his brothers?
  4. What is the name of Bernard`s tv show?
  5. What episode does Bernard first appear in?
  6. What is the name of Bernard`s wife?
  7. What is the name of Eugene`s wife?
  8. In what album does Eugene get a haircut?
  9. True or false Buck Oliver lives with Eugene and Katrina?
  10. What is Bernard`s favorite saying?
  11. What episode is this from? "Ah, then you have been talking to Eugene."-Bernard Walton
  12. What episode is this from? "We will?"-Eugene Meltsner
  13. What episode do we last hear Bernard?

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