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HELLO, MELLO, JELLO, CHELLO! This is an Adventures in Odyssey quiz! Hopefully, by answering these forty-five questions, you will learn what kind of fan you are! I hope you enjoy testing your knowledge!

This loooong quiz is pretty simple, there are five or six answers to every question, just click which one looks best to you! Your score will be based on the number of points you get for each answer. Good Luck!

Created by: Sunflower
  1. What is Connie Kendal's FAVORITE food?
  2. In the Fan Favorite episode 'Do or Diet' which THREE friends did Connie choose to lose weight?
  3. Which of THESE Adventures in Odyssey Character was introduced FIRST?
  4. Which one of these Odyssey pairs, are NOT siblings?
  5. Which ONE of these actors DID NOT play a roll on Adventures in Odyssey?
  6. Who is the FATHER of mailman, Wooton Bassett?
  7. HOW MANY kids did John Avery Whittaker have?
  8. Out of Mr. Whitaker's three kids, we know Jerry Whitaker is the oldest...but who was the middle child? Jana or Jason?
  9. Which ONE of these Odyssey residents was NOT ever mayor of Odyssey?
  10. Which FIRST adventures in Odyssey EPISOIDE featured a character becoming a Christian?
  11. In which Odyssey ALBUM is Jason Whitaker FIRST introduced?
  12. Which ONE of these characters is NOT allergic to anything?
  13. What TYPE of juice do the Kendal Sister's enjoy dipping their chocolate chip cookies into?
  14. What is the name of Connie's Wedding Planning Business?
  15. Which ONE of these characters is allergic to chocolate?
  16. What is the NAME of Jack Allen's FIRST wife?
  17. Which Odyssey family OWNED a dog first named Rascal, then Harry, and then Normal?
  18. WHAT is the NAME of the kid in Pokenberry Falls who tried to teach Stuart Barclay to ride a BIKE?
  19. WHAT is the NAME of the Adventures in Odyssey Character who loves Coffee and Cookie Dough, but is allergic to Kiwi?
  20. What TOWN did Wooton Basset move to in abloom 50, Best Small Town?
  21. Which Adventures in Odyssey Character is known for having "great acting skills" & a faithful sidekick, appropriately named Shakespeare?
  22. How many signatures did Connie and Whit collect from the citizens of Odyssey to get Wooton Basset to move back?
  23. What was the NAME of Jay's Cousin who caused conflict between Barret Jones and Pricilla Peterson?
  24. Which Adventures in Odyssey kid is a HUGE Elvis fan?
  25. What is the NAME of Matthew Parker's stuffed Giraffe?
  26. Which ONE of these characters did NOT either DATE or have a CRUSH on Connie Kendal
  27. Which ONE of these Odyssey kids WASN'T a member of Kidsborow?
  28. How many Last Chance Detective EPISIODES are there in the Adventures in Odyssey Club?
  29. Which ONE of these Characters is NOT a member of the Washington Home?
  30. Which ONE of these Adventures in Odyssey characters is NOT allergic to anything?
  31. What is the FIRST NAME of the MAILMAN who replaced Wooton Basset in the episode Breaking Point?
  32. Which ONE of these Characters, Both Old and New, is NOT considered a bully?
  33. Which ONE of These Adventures in Odyssey Characters is NOT a Member of Wooton Basset's Family?
  34. What is the NAME of Renee's dead DOG and Dog Computer PROGRAM?
  35. Which ONE of these NAMES is NOT a member of former member of the "Wounderus Westcot Girls?"
  36. What is the NAME of the escaped convict who went to Connie's high school and stumbled upon her house?
  37. Which ONE of these names did Jason Whittaker NOT name his dog?
  38. WHAT is Penny Basset's or Wise's FAVORITE color?
  39. What is the NAME of Jay Smouse's so called 'WATER company?'
  40. WHICH one of these Odyssey kids is NOT a member of 'The Team?'
  41. WHO is the MAIN character in the Club Adventure, Precious Lord
  42. What is the NAME of the LADY who locked both Tom Riley and Becky Riley in her basement as children?
  43. Which ONE of these Adventures in Odyssey Team Members is NOT on the Writing Staff?
  44. Do YOU have a Matching NAME with one of the Adventures in Odyssey Characters?
  45. How Was This Quiz?(This Question Doesn't Effect Your Score)

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