Penelope's Odyssey Quiz

This quiz will teast your knowledge of the Odyssey! It truly isnt hard but what you think will depend on your score!In jsut a minute you will find out how well you truly studied!

Do YOU know the Odyssey? Do you have what it takes to make it through all 30 questions? Lets see!!!! Good luck and hopefully it isnt too hard which it really shouldnt be if you aced the actual test!! in jsut a minute you will find out how well you truly studied!

Created by: Sydney

  1. When Athena first approaches Telemichus, who is she disguised as?
  2. Who is Zues?
  3. Who is the head suitor who gets blamed for everything?
  4. What was unusual about the wolves and lions around Circe’s residence?
  5. How many men does the Cyclops eat at a time?
  6. What was the name of the movie we watched that we compared to the book?
  7. What is Circe doing when the men approach her?
  8. Why can't Odysseus embrace his mother?
  9. What advice does Circe give about Scylla and Charybdis?
  10. How does Odysseus defeat the cyclops?
  11. What disguise does Athena give Odysseus?
  12. What is Penelope's challenge?
  13. How does Athena show her involvement?
  14. How does Penelope act when she goes to meet Odysseus?
  15. How had Odysseus gotten the scar on his thigh?
  16. How do the Sirens lure the men to them?
  17. What does Circe turn Odysseus' men into?
  18. Who is the main person that keeps Odysseus from getting home?
  19. Who is Ares
  20. Who is Odysseus' old nurse?
  21. What song does the minstrel sing?
  22. Who is Hades
  23. What do the suitors plan to do?
  24. Who is Telemichus?
  25. Who is Larates?
  26. Why is Telemachus upset at the suitors?
  27. What advice does Athena give Telemachus?
  28. Who is the creature with 6 heads?
  29. What name does Odysseus give the Cyclops
  30. How many suitors are trying to marry Penelope?

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