Homer's 'Odyssey'

Have you read the second masterpiece of Western literature of that blind genius Homer? You know what I'm talking about - 'The Odyssey'. Well, if you haven't read it, then taking this quiz would be pretty pointless, but if you have, then why not test your knowledge? Quizzes are so fun. Plus it could help you if you are just about to take a Classical Studies exam, and - don't worry - we're in the same boat!

How nerdy are you? Take this comprehensive 'Odyssey' quiz to find out. It tests everything from characters' names to gods' motives and a load of random stuff that you may or may not have picked up while reading it. Just think if you got a high score... how good would you feel?

Created by: Abigail Simpson
  1. Who killed Agamenmon?
  2. What was the name of Odysseus' loyal dog?
  3. Who did Odysseus go to the Underworld to see?
  4. Who accused the gods of being sexist?
  5. Which of the following is an epithet for Telemachus?
  6. Who was the Giant-killer?
  7. Who is Polybus?
  8. Which herb protected Odysseus from Circe's enchantments?
  9. What is another name of Leucothoe?
  10. Which of the following is a reason why Odysseus considers the Cyclopes to be uncivilised?
  11. Why did Elpenor fall off the roof of Circe's palace?
  12. Which two people did Odysseus spare, upon Telemachus' recommendation, during the battle in the hall?
  13. Which tree was Odysseus and Penelope's marital bed made from?
  14. Who decided that the unfaithful maids should be hanged?
  15. Which of the following people is related to Penelope?
  16. Who is Calypso's father?
  17. What did Anticleia die of?
  18. Who is Homer invoking the the proemium?
  19. What did Ctesippus throw at the beggar-Odysseus?
  20. How long did Odysseus spend on Aeaea?
  21. What was in the bag given to Odysseus by Aeolus?
  22. Which gift of Calypso almost made Odysseus drown?
  23. What do the gods drink?
  24. How many axes did Odysseus shoot through?
  25. Why was Ajax killed?
  26. How is Pylos described?
  27. What is the most likely historical date for the seige of Troy (if it actually happened)?
  28. Who was 'the face that launched a thousand ships and burned the topless towers of Ilium'?
  29. What blinded Polyphemus?
  30. Which man-servant betrayed Odysseus?
  31. What was the name of the famous drunken Centaur?
  32. How many days does Odysseus take to build the raft?
  33. Where did Odysseus build the raft?
  34. Who murdered Cassandra?
  35. How many heads does Scylla have?
  36. Who does Athene disguise herself as first?
  37. Through which gate do false dreams come?
  38. What was Eumaeus?
  39. Which Suitor did Odysseus kill first?
  40. Why is Athene so interested in Odysseus?

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