How much pride do you have?

This quiz is for a school project, but if you would like to take it, then go right ahead. The quiz is on the Odyssey and how much pride you have. Some questions may not make sense, but only because it is a school project.

Do you have too much pride? Could you disrespect the gods because of your pride? Or are you the exact opposite: humble and modest? Take this great quiz to find out!

Created by: Natalia
  1. A very poor stranger arrives at your house. You decide his social status is too low for you to provide him a warm welcome. However, you give him food and drink to follow the common rule of hospitality.
  2. You have disrespected one of the gods, but you do not believe you did anything. Instead of apologizing and offering a worthy sacrifice, you do nothing.
  3. If you were poor, you would rather be homeless than work as a servant or stable boy for a person of high social class.
  4. If you are visited or blessed by the gods, you tell everyone you know.
  5. You think of maids, servants, and stable boys as people who are below you.
  6. You try to avoid assisting other men, who are below you in social status, as much as possible.
  7. You spend a lot of time perfecting your looks. Beauty is important to you.
  8. You love to brag about new possessions or winning a war.
  9. You would rather lie about your life, to make it sound better than it is, than tell the truth.
  10. When you feel miserable on the inside, you do not let it show in fear of being pitied upon.
  11. You never allow yourself to ask for help because you always need to be superior, not inferior, to others.
  12. Telling others they are inferior to you is entertaining.

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Quiz topic: How much pride do I have?