Are You a True Ghost Hunter?

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This Quiz is designed to test your skills and knowledge of ghost hunting. You may be one of the greatest ghost hunters to live! Or you may just be a little afraid.

So do you think you can handle being a true ghost hunter? Find out with this test of paranormal expertise. Maybe you are the one who figures out how to prove ghosts are REAL!!!

Created by: Andrew of ODGH
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  1. What do you do when a ghost appears in front of you?
  2. What does EVP stand for?
  3. Is there ever a good time to run on an investigation?
  4. What is a cold spot?
  5. Can ghosts ever truly be proven by science?
  6. What should you do as a ghost hunter, if someone asks you to investigate a possible Demonic Haunting?
  7. Can ghosts touch you?
  8. What are disembodied voices?
  9. What is probably a Ghost Hunter's biggest Fear?
  10. Are ghosts in the real world close or the same as they appear in Hollywood?

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Quiz topic: Am I a True Ghost Hunter?