Are you a Ghosthunter ?

With the Heavy Influx of would be ghost hunters out there. I thought it would be Fun to see how many Practitioners are really up to par on Knowing what they are doing. Warning,Some of these questions are hard and you have to know yor stuff.

SOOO.You think your a Ghost hunter HUH? MWAHAHAHAHA. Well my Pretties we will see whome amoungst you have what it takes to be part of the Best or...DEAD LIKE THE REST. These Questions are based on the Most recent Knowledge on the sunject.

Created by: William McBride
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  1. I can tal Advice and and go with without being offended.
  2. Going on a Hunt is Ok to do Alone as long as somone knows where I am ?
  3. Its best to do an Investigation only at night ?
  4. the 4 basic apparitions are ?
  5. Phazes of an Investigation in Order are ?
  6. Define EMF.
  7. Define EVP.
  8. What are not used in an Investigation ?
  9. What are the Grateful dead in Paranormal terms.
  10. Ignis Fatuus is or are ?
  11. Define BA and KA.
  12. Apport Means ?
  13. A BOGGART is another name for a ?
  14. A Spunkie is ?
  15. A BuruBuru is a " Ghost of Fear"?
  16. A Daimon can be Both GOOD or EVIL ?
  17. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Besides writting The Tarzan Stories,Was a Metaphysician ?
  18. Ehrich Weiss Was.
  19. Ehrich Weiss Other name was ?
  21. You are in a Room Alone on an Investigation. You come face to face with an Apparition. YOU ?
  22. Necromancy Is.
  23. Pseudopod ?
  24. Ghosts of women who have died violently are called.
  25. Define NDE
  26. Who was the captian of the Flyning Dutchman. ( remember you are an Investigator not a POC fan right now)
  27. Edward Haskell was best known for.
  28. Yoe see an Apperition,It Chases you,You fall down and get hurt. You get lost in a dark mansion afterwords. This Is Called?
  29. Larvae are ?
  31. A CONTROL is ?
  32. Which Word does Not Belong ?
  33. Define OBE
  34. Define Revenant.
  35. Define ANIMISM ?
  36. I keep Great Notes on all my investigations.
  37. It is believed that Ghost use Orb Shapes Because.
  38. CAUL is ?
  39. Ghosts can hurt you ?
  40. This Quiz was Helpfull and Made Me think .

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Quiz topic: Am I a Ghosthunter ?