Who are you? (Countryballs)

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There are 236 countryballs. Some get along, some hate each other,some speak Spanish, some speak french, and some speak English, some are smart and calm, and some are crazy.

Witch countryball are YOU? Are you the kind Canadaball, the famous USAball, the Fat Russiaball, the smart SouthKoreaball, or the crazy NorthKoreaball?

Created by: Jonathan Nayberg
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  1. USAball and NorthKoreaball are at war. Who do you side with?
  2. Which of these are your least favorite?
  3. #1 alliance?
  4. "Hi there!" says SouthKoreaball. You say "________"
  5. Brasilball: You are dumb USAball_________USAball: Sorry I don't speak Spanish_____________ Brasilball: I speak Portuguese You little s--- Who do you side with?
  6. HUE?
  7. Can you Into Space?
  8. Whats your dream?
  9. Witch type of government do you like?
  10. "Hi" says #@*&^.

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