How Much Spanish Do You Know?

This is a somewhat easy/basic Spanish test. It will test you on basic and intermediate Spanish words and phrases. If you have been taking Spanish for at least two years, you should be fine.

Test your knowledge of Spanish by taking this test. Each question is either a Spanish word of phrase. Translate the word BASED ON YOUR NATURAL KNOWLEDGE and choose the best answer. NO CHEATING! Cheating does not benefit anybody. Buena suerte.

Created by: Brett

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  1. Hola
  2. ¿Comó está?
  3. ¿Qué?
  4. Sí­
  5. ¿Cuanto?
  6. Manzana
  7. Mochilo
  8. Lápiz
  9. Peligroso
  10. Zanahorias
  11. Camisa
  12. Estación de Servicio
  13. Semáforo
  14. Quedarse
  15. Zapatos
  16. Puente
  17. ¿Como se va?
  18. Corriendo
  19. Bolsillo
  20. Ganar
  21. Barrio
  22. No importa lo que
  23. equivocación
  24. pesadilla
  25. Califato

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Quiz topic: How Much Spanish do I Know?