What faction would you be in the Spanish Civil War?

Hi! This quiz will inform you what faction, either within the Nationalists or Republicans, you would side with in the Spanish Civil War. While I couldn't include every faction, I included the largest ones.

You will answer 10 simple questions in order to determine who you fall in line with. These have been made vaguer so they apply to present society rather than just Spanish society at the time. Good luck!

Created by: Davis MAssey
  1. Should society be Catholic?
  2. Should society be a representative democracy, or Republic?
  3. Is society corrupted by secret conspirators, such as communists?
  4. Should the populace be armed to defend themselves?
  5. Should society be capitalist (private ownership of land and production with a market economy), socialist (workers control production to meet the needs of society), feudalist (lords own land from military service to leader, peasants work as tenants on land), or something else?
  6. Do divorce, abortion, and feminism harm society?
  7. Do foreigners harm our country?
  8. Is government intervention in a capitalist market economy good? Should the government break up large companies/estates and use taxes to give aid to the poor and engage in public works projects?
  9. Should we avoid radicalism so as not to alienate allies or possible allies?
  10. Was society much better long ago than it is today?

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