What Faction are you? (Divergent)

Which one of the five factions are you from the hit book/movie divergent by Veronia Ross? I realize there are a lot of these quizzes but I wanted to make one to.

You could be Abnegation- The Selfless Faction Amity-The Peaceful Faction Candor-The honest faction Dauntless-The brave faction or Erudite-The smart faction

Created by: koalabear1

  1. Which of these seems easiest to you?
  2. You see a guy/girl you don't like picking on your best friend what do you do?
  3. In a zombie apocalypse you would...
  4. In School you are/used to be the kid who..
  5. It is the day you choose your faction. You want to leave your faction but your parents want you to stay. What do you do?
  6. You are in simulation: A man hands you a gun and tells you to shoot a little girl that you have never met or he will shoot you. What do you do?
  7. People who ______ make the world better.
  8. If you had to do one of the following what would you do?
  9. When/if you have kids (or if you already do) what do you/would you want them to see you as someone who will...
  10. Finally Pick A Color (Totally Typical Question)

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Quiz topic: What Faction am I? (Divergent)