who would you support in the spanish civil war?

the spanish civil war was a civil war in spain between 1936 and 1939 it was the right-wing and left-wing fighting eachother for their goals, in the end, the right-wing won

who would you support in this event that changed the spanish history forever? find out now! and please, take the quiz honestly, thank you. Now, take the quiz!

Created by: genny bianco
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  1. are you a leftist?
  2. do you support a multi-party republic
  3. are you religious? if yes do you support a state religion?
  4. anarcho-syndicalism?
  5. what do you think of the workers
  6. what is fascism?
  7. opinion on communism?
  8. why did the spanish civil war start?
  9. why did the church support franco?
  10. how was franco so succesful to unite the whole right-wing?

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