Are You A Civil War Genius?

There are many people with a good knowledge of the civil war but few and I mean few people that know everything about the civil war! Well are you one of those rare peoples. Take my quiz and in just a few minutes find out.

Do you know everything about the civil war? Is there absolutely nothing about the civil war that you don't know? If you wonder this take my complicated 12 question civil war quiz to get the quickest and most accurate answer to those questions.

Created by: jonathanmarvins
  1. The attack on what fort started the civil war?
  2. How many years did the civil war last?
  3. Who was the president for 90% of the civil war?
  4. What was the civil war about?
  5. What did the south call themselves?
  6. Who was the president of the South?
  7. How many states suceeded from the union?
  8. What was the underground railroad?
  9. Who lead the underground railroad?
  10. What ended the civil war?
  11. What was the civil war known as?
  12. Finally! What date exactly did the civil war end on?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Civil War Genius?