Key Words in Greek Myth

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Usually this weekly quiz is based on the previous week's conversations with visiting scholars, guest blogs and forums at our classical studies club called "Hour 25".

But this week, the quiz is based on text used to study key words for the last couple of weeks at the Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours course, now in version 3.

Created by: William Moulton

  1. "I shall send my comrade [hetairos] into battle at the head of many Myrmidons" Which Achaean hero is speaking here?
  2. Zeus, and Fate [moira], and the Fury [Erinys] that roams in darkness struck me with derangement [atē). The Erinys mentioned here and her sisters are the goddesses of ...?
  3. "Now there is before the city a steep mound afar out in the plain, with a clear space about it on this side and on that; this do men verily call Batieia, but the immortals call it the barrow of _______, light of step: an Amazon, whose funeral mound was called "˜Thornhill' . Who is the woman being discussed here?
  4. "past the weather-beaten wild fig-tree, till they came to two fair springs which feed the river Skamandros." What did the gods call the "Scamander"?
  5. Then she stood in the midst of us and said,"˜Wretched men! You went down to the House of HādÄ“s while you were still alive. You are dis-thanees [= you experience death twice], whereas other mortals die only once; now, then, stay here for the rest of the day, feast your fill." Who is the descendant of Helios talking to Odysseus and his comrades?
  6. Which two Greek heroes snuck across the Trojan lines and slew Rhesus at night?
  7. Which mortal ruled in sandy Pylos?
  8. The star sisters called the Pleiades flee across the sky from a strong and violent giant. Who is this mythic hunter?
  9. Which noble son of Iapetus outwitted Zeus and stole from Olympus fire in a hollow fennel stalk?
  10. Stained with blood were his shapely thighs, ivory legs and fair ankles beneath. For his sake shuddered the king of men, Agamemnon, as he saw the black blood flowing from the wound. Who did Agamemnon shudder for?

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