Does my crush like me too?

many people like each other but lie. how? they think you don't know and that's not at all impossible! they just think so they think they know it all!

are YOU crushing on the same person who's crushing on you? how do you find out this though? THIS quiz is where you find out! take it! take it now! you want to :)

Created by: Graci Chandler
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. does he make contact with you?
  2. does he tease you
  3. does he touch you?
  4. does his friends ask if you like him?
  5. does he throw stuff at you?
  6. does he sit by you?
  7. do you talk anywhere besides with your mouth ( text, call, instagram etc...)?
  8. in class, do you catch him looking at you then when you look back he looks away?
  9. does his friends hang out with him then when you walk up to talk, he shoos them away?
  10. last question! do you think he likes you?

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