Would I Date You?

There are many people out there. But are any of them find me attractive? Well If you do, you need to take this quiz because if you like me/crushing on me these results are atleast sixty percent accurate. :o YAY ME!

So, Are you gonna take the quiz? Even if your just curious, go ahead and take it! Tell me your score or other quiz ideas in the comments! Rate too please! Now, let's go take that Awesomely Amazing Accurate quiz!

Created by: Jayfeather310
  1. What Color Is Your Hair?
  2. What Color Are Your Eyes
  3. Do You Like Reading/Writing
  4. Do You Like Superheroes? (Marvel, DC, Mortal Kombat, Etc)
  5. Are You Funny?
  6. Would You Actually TALK to me?
  7. Would You Actually TALK to me?
  8. Your Reaction If I kissed you?
  9. Check out my other quizzes! Rate and comment!
  10. Bye!

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