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  • emy's diary <3
  • Locking Doors
    "Bumping this so I remember to respond .. // ♡"
  • Hospital Beds
    "“Wait,” Roy called out as Jo stepped into the driveway. “Y-you know,” Roy began to stutter due to his nervousness. “You could stay at my pla"
  • goodbye <3
    "get rekt april f00ls"
  • goodbye <3
    "i have to go. it just isn’t safe for me here. i may pop in every once in a while, but i’m just not comfortable. if you want/nee"
  • ""
  • emy's diary <3
  • emy's diary <3
    "glitter on my eyes ♡"
  • lions
    "all of my screenshots and words aren’t reliable enough so hopefully karma will just bite her in the ass"
  • emy's diary <3
    "this is the best track."
  • lions
    "i already did months ago"
  • lions
    "i’m calling your ass out bcuz your sitting behind a computer screen harassing a minor, a sixteen-year-old girl bcuz you have nothing better "
  • emy's diary <3
    "it’s so sad that some people don’t have anything better to do besides belittling other people."
  • zak is
    "get a life"
  • emy's diary <3
    "i need to organize some things. i wanna start sketching too."

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