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  • "thank you! i’ll be at school all day until the show is over. it’s going to be a long day and evening."
  • "i’m quite nervecited, lol."
  • "eclipse"
  • Locking Doors
  • bubbles
    "i read the first post as “i just want to hide under my katana...” i have to go to the eye doctor, lol. i hope you’re doi"
  • Time Changes
  • Locking Doors
  • Souls
  • Ripper's Edge
    "that’s really cool that it made you think of me. ^^ and sorry, i wasn’t sure because i don’t think anyone has ever called me ems befor"
  • Ripper's Edge
    "oh, were you directing that at me?"
  • Locking Doors
    "Henley chewed on her lips as she struggled with her phone. She had service before, but now it was gone. She breathed in deeply. Henley belie..."
  • Time Changes
    "First period flew by rather quickly. Laura Marie sighed, grabbing her bag as the bell rang. She couldn’t even remember what her second perio"
  • Hospital Beds
    "Roy pulled his keys out the ignition and looked over to Jo. “You’ve never caused me any trouble, Jo,” he said with a smile. He got out of th"
  • My mom just went bald
    "aw, that sounds so brave of her! ♡ i’m sending your family lots of light and love."
  • Alt Account Tracker.
    "ethereal i forgot to include this one."

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