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  • Happy holidays bbys
    "happy holidays."
  • Roleplay Request
    "this is super cliche, but ya know, i’d join if you’d like."
  • "https://www.gotoquiz.com/forum/offbeat/27..."
  • personal vent.
    "just because i swore doesn’t mean i’m not friendly, but aight."
  • personal vent.
    "does anyone else just wake up with bruises? i bruise so easily, so that isn’t much of a surprise, but what’s giving me them? :0"
  • personal vent.
    "what the f---"
  • New thread, new me.
    "they rlly gotta bump my thread like that-"
  • personal vent.
    "why you srsly gotta bump my thread when you’ve already said that everywhere else-"
  • New thread, new me.
    "i was so confused."
  • Yo, what if I died
    "that’s deep bro."
  • my official thread
  • personal vent.
    "that was dumb, but i felt like saying it."
  • personal vent.
    "i feel super weird. i’m going into my freshman year of high school in august, but it feels like i just passed third grade. xd. time has went"
  • personal vent.
    "why am i allergic to everything"
  • personal vent.
    "i probably won’t even see him like at all. so why. even. bother. saying anything. to. that. dips---."

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