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The world is a very interesting place, especially when it comes to what happens, what exists, and how everything works. Some things are obvious while some things can be very strange...

This quiz tests your knowledge of random facts about the world, what happens, what exists, and how everything works. Let's see just how much you really know...

Created by: Jayfeather310

  1. What's 55 multiplied by 3?
  2. What year did the French and Indian war end?
  3. What is a group of bonded atoms called?
  4. What is a group of fish called?
  5. How often does a Lunar Eclipse happen?
  6. What is the opposite of purple?
  7. Who invented the toaster?
  8. What was the first country to explore space?
  9. What year did the Vietnam War begin?
  10. Who is the "fastest person in the world?"
  11. Who is on the U.S $1000 dollar bill?
  12. What is the capital of Denmark?
  13. Who created this quiz? :0

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