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there are things you need to know that don't get taught in schools so I put some of that stuff into a fun little quiz! This shouldn't be too hard the answers are pretty obvious

things like who invented the plane, what was the corona virus, who voiced high five in the emoji movie and so much more i hope you enjoy my quiz! have fun!

Created by: Scarlett

  1. who invented the aeroplane?
  2. what year was the Coronavirus?
  3. who voiced high-five in the emoji movie
  4. Did Lizzo fight for Japan in world war 1(hint: Lizzo is a modern singer?
  5. What country is Scott Morrison president of?
  6. if earth had world war 3, who would win?
  7. what dog breed has black spots and is skinny(depends on how much you feed it)?
  8. what is sad, gloomy and appears in a book?
  9. the author of this quiz's age is...(10-1+20=1-20=)
  10. what is the meaning for meringue

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