Would I Crush On You?

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Haha... first of all we need to lay down the basics. I’m straight and I’m a guy. So girls only.. But if guys want to take this feel free to do it. I won’t stop you for sure.

My name’s Gray and my last name will remain a secret. It’s similar to Broek so it isn’t really hard to figure out. It probably won’t be too long. Enjoy my quiz!

Created by: GrayBroek
  1. What’s your gender?
  2. On a scale from 1-8 (1 being the lowest) how much energy do you have?
  3. What’s most important to you in a partner?
  4. What’s your favorite color? (Hint: mine’s dark green)
  5. How old are you?
  6. Where would you dream date be?
  7. What’s one word to describe your personality? (part 1)
  8. What’s one word to describe you personality? (part 2)
  9. What pet would you want?
  10. Lastly, would you like me back?

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