What is ur crazyness identity colors?

Colors are things that describe why it's your favorite and what it means. Such as for Blue; It means to be calm and very gentle and soft. But does it also describe people like a personality way? Sure it does! Please take this quiz to find out what kind of color you are, and what it means by the end.

Created by: I'm not telling you!
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  1. You are just invited to two parties: Your friend's Barbecue party and a sleepover party with 7 friends. You don't know which to choose! So you...
  2. Do you like doing your own thing, going with the group or with a best friend?
  3. Which of these are most important to you?
  4. Which of these mostly bugs you a lot?
  5. Your friends just dissed you at a talent show. What do you do?
  6. A new girl/guy came to your school, but suddenly you knew that the person was a bully and they start to bug you. You....
  7. Your most favorite group-outing is....
  8. Your favorite color is....
  9. You are going to ride the roller coaster at an amusement park, but the roller coaster causes 8 tickets and you only have 4. You...
  10. I don't know what else to type but, did you like my quiz?

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