Which Color Matches Your Personality?

Colors Are Everywhere. Magenta, Turquoise, Merrigold, Or Maybe Violet! You Would Just Ask Yourself, "What Colors Are My Favorite?". Just So There Are New Colors You Might Not See, And Original Colors You Already Know. Even Colors Are Made For Crayons! Life Of Colors Never Change.

Well, Now You Know About Colors, Which Color Matches Your Personality? How Will You Describe It To Other Things? But Then... You Suddenly Wonder. I'm Not Talking About Magentas, Violets, Merrigolds Or Turquoise! I am talking about the original colors you like...

Created by: Kasey B. Lee
  1. Your Friends Say You Need A Nickname For Them To Call You. What Is It Called?
  2. You Are Hungry And Wants To Eat A Healthy Snack. What Fruit Should You Seriously Eat?
  3. You Go To The Mall To Go To The Cafe. They Say You Don't Have 40 Bucks For A Strawberry Ice Cream Flavor. What Should You Do?
  4. You Win The Lottery Of $800! What Do You Do?
  5. You Are Enjoying The Mansion But Then Robbers Burst In Just For Your Money! What Should You Do?
  6. Its Time To Go On A Field Trip And You Can't Decide Where To Go! What Do You Choose?
  7. Flowers... They're Everywhere. Someone Wonders Which You Really Like. So You Choose...
  8. What Type Of Day Do You Like?
  9. What's Your Favorite Types Of Things?
  10. What Animal Do You Like?

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Quiz topic: Which Color Matches my Personality?