What color are you?

Take this quiz to see what color you are. See what color you are based on your personality and actions. I based these colors on what I thought they represented. I hope this quiz helps you find your strengths and weaknesses and helps them improve.

Are you red or are you green or are you something different? Do you have a dominant personality or do you tend to blend in with the crowd? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Emily

  1. How many "true" friends do you have?
  2. What clique are you classified under?
  3. Do you like sports?
  4. What is your status currently?
  5. Where do you like to shop?
  6. Are you a follower or a leader?
  7. Which is more important to you?
  8. Pick one that most suites your personality.
  9. You thought this quiz was...
  10. Hmmm... favorite food would have to be...

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Quiz topic: What color am I?