How familiar are you with my characteristics?

Hey, thanks for deciding to click on this quiz of mine. It's really just to help me level up, but I appreciate your help! This quiz is just meant to test your knowledge about me, Jayfeather310.

Don't be shy! Go ahead. The questions are waiting to be answered by you!-- and who knows? Possibly, just maybe you'll answer those questions correctly..

Created by: Jayfeather310

  1. What is my gender?
  2. And do you know my name?
  3. Which of these do I consider a hobby of mine?
  4. Hm, my favorite drink then?
  5. Am I left or right handed?
  6. Which of these am I interested in?
  7. And ha, what is my zodiac?
  8. Time for yes or no questions! -- Do I have any mental illnesses?
  9. Am I fifteen or older? (Jan. 2019.)
  10. Do I like the Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter?
  11. Do I have a favorite color?
  12. Thank you for taking my quiz! It is greatly appreciated. Rate and comment if you'd like to. Please choose the first answer, for it is the correct choice.

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Quiz topic: How familiar am I with my characteristics?