The Ultimate Jayfeather Quiz

How much do you know about Jayfeather, the ThunderClan medicine cat? I'm sure you know the basics, but do you know the hard core details? With this quiz, you can test your Jayfeather knowledge!

Jayfeather is my favorite warrior cat, so don't let me down! Take this quiz and ace it! Oh, and just an FYI, this quiz contains facts all the way from The Sight to The Last Hope, Enjoy! ;)

Created by: Jayfeather13
  1. What is Jayfeather's fur color?
  2. What is Jayfeather's eye color?
  3. What season was Jayfeather born in?
  4. Who is Jayfeather's REAL mother?
  5. Who is Jayfeather's REAL father?
  6. Who does Jayfeather love?
  7. Jayfeather was looking for _______ when he found his stick.
  8. What is Jayfeather's physical problem?
  9. Which of Jayfeather's siblings is dead
  10. Do you like this quiz so far?
  11. What is Jayfeather's personality?
  12. In what book does Jayfeather become a full medicine cat?
  13. Jayfeather is in the prophecy about what?
  14. Who were Jayfeather's first "parents"?
  15. Who was Jayfeather's first mentor?
  16. Who was Jayfeather's second mentor?
  17. What is Jayfeather's ancient name?
  18. Does Jayfeather have a power?
  19. If yes, what is Jayfeather's power?
  20. Are you a Jayfeather fan?
  21. How many quests has Jayfeather been on?
  22. Who is the main cat that Jayfeather sees when he visits StarClan?
  23. Who is the second main cat Jayfeather sees when he visits StarClan?
  24. In what book does Jayfeather break his precious stick?
  25. Why did Jayfeather break his stick?
  26. How does Jayfeather feel about breaking the stick?
  27. Was Jayfeather first or last to know about the prophecy?
  28. If last, who told him?
  29. If first, who did he tell?
  30. Who is Jayfeather's half-brother?
  31. Who do the clans thinks Jayfeather killed?
  32. Did Jayfeather really kill the cat?
  33. Who does Jayfeather find in the tunnels?
  34. Did you like this quiz?

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