How much do you know Jayfeather in Warriors?

Jayfeather is not really a minor character, but not necessarily the most major, major(jeje) character in The Power of Three series part of Warriors by Erin Hunter.

But how much do you know Jayfeather, the medicine cat apprentice of ThunderClan in The Power of Three? This quiz will help you test your knowledge about him, and the things around him.

Created by: Crestfall
  1. What season was Jayfeather born?
  2. Who was Jayfeather's mentor?
  3. Who was Jayfeather's first mentor?
  4. What are Jayfeather's colors?
  5. Is Jayfeather blind?
  6. Jayfeather is of what rank after Sunrise?
  7. Who is Jayfeather's sister?
  8. From whom did Jayfeather get the information of parsley from?
  9. Who is Jayfeather's brother?
  10. Who are Jayfeather's parents?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know Jayfeather in Warriors?