Which Warriors Character are you?

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Do you know a series of books called Warriors written by a group of writers whose team were called Erin Hunter? If you have, this quiz will test out which character you are in the book.

You might be the brave Firestar, or the loyal Graystrip. Or you might be the fierce Tigherstar, or his apprentice Darkstrip. Who knows, it’s all up to your choice!

Created by: Jasmine Clearwater
  1. You friend’s is been attacked by a gangster, you
  2. You company’s boss has retired, the company will chose a new one, you
  3. Your friend’s birthday party is near, but your mother’s birthday is on the same day, you
  4. What’s your favorite color pattern
  5. Your best friend had betrayed you, you
  6. What’s your favorite weather?
  7. Your parents told you the truth about something ,you realized you lived in a lie your whole life, you
  8. You need to write an essay but you don’t know anything about the topic, you
  9. What’s your personality
  10. Do you have a pet?

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Quiz topic: Which Warriors Character am I?