How well do you know Warriors?

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This quiz is all about Warriors, a book series made by Erin Hunter. This quiz talks all about different books in the series, and quizzing your knowledge on it.

If you haven't read the books before, I wouldn't recommend this quiz. It contains bits and pieces of the books leading up to The Sight ( Series 3 ). If you are not past this book yet, this quiz will have spoilers. Please enjoy!

Created by: Grumpikat
  1. Who was Rusty's black and white kittypet friend?
  2. What was Rusty's apprentice name when he joined Thunderclan?
  3. How did Spottedleaf die?
  4. How many lives do Leaders have?
  5. What are the 5 clans?
  6. How does Bluestar lose her last life?
  7. How does Tigerstar die?
  8. Who's Fireheart's kittypet sister?
  9. Who is Scourge?
  10. Who are the chosen cats to go on the journey to the Sun-Drown place?
  11. Why did the clans have to leave the forest?
  12. Who are the 2 cats that fall in love and run away together?
  13. How does Cinderpelt die?
  14. Who is Brambleclaw's evil half brother?
  15. Who are the 3 new kits in "The Sight"?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Warriors?