How much do you know about Jayfeather?

Jayfeather is a medicine cat with an odd secret and a very powerful prophecy. He and his siblings need to figure out what it means-before it's too late!

Do you think you know Jayfeather and his adventures very well? Do you remember his herbs? If so, then you should definitely take this quiz and find out if what you're thinking is true!

Created by: Owlfur

  1. Does Jayfeather have siblings?
  2. What is Jayfeather's most obvious characteristic?
  3. Who is Jayfeather apprenticed to?
  4. What is Jayfeather looking for when he discovers his special stick?
  5. Which cat was caught in the tunnels when the river flooded a long time ago?
  6. Which cat sent Fallen Leaves into the tunnels?
  7. Can Jayfeather walk in other cats' dreams?
  8. Who is Jayfeather's mother?
  9. What is Jayfeather's personality?
  10. Who is Jayfeather's father?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Jayfeather?