Which Medicine Cat are you?

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Welcome to my quiz, I am Jays Wing! My quiz is all about the medicine cats. Also i'm sorry if i don't have a medicine cat you wanted. Anyways, i'm also sorry to say you can't be JayFeather, Because that is me.

Enjoy the medicine cats, The cats are LeafPool, AlderHeart, BarkFace, LittleCloud, CinderPelt, And Mothwing! All of them took the path of a medicine cat to do well with herbs and wounds on other cats!

Created by: Jay's Wing
  1. First, Which Cat do you really want?Oh ya and no you cannot be Jayfeather.
  2. Two Apprentices want to be a Medicine cat, The cats are a tom or she cat, Which do you want?
  3. A herb was lost and there was no more of that herb, What do you do?
  4. A herb was poison and a kit almost ate it, You moved it away from the clan territory and hid it well, Will it be found again?
  5. A friend of yours wants to know if you had a vision, and wants to know it, should you tell?
  6. You are a Apprentice and just turned into a medicine cat, Although you have not had a lot of visions, should you tell?
  7. You were out looking for herbs and stumbled upon a Rouge you tell it to back off, but it runs after you, what do you do?
  8. You wanted a mate, but the leader said medicine cats don't get mates, Will you give up on looking for one?
  9. You were going to get fresh kill from the pile, But you notice there is nothing there, what will you do?
  10. You were going to a gathering, you almost have a vision of a dog nearby, will you tell everyone?

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Quiz topic: Which Medicine Cat am I?