are you a true medicine cat?

have you always wanted to be a medicine cat? do want know if you can be a medicine cat? well than you should take this quiz now!find out if your a experienced medicine cat or a disgrace to your clan!

take my quiz, and not only will you find out if can can be a medicine cat, but you can find out i you are one of the best medicine cats in history!!!!!

Created by: shadowhert
  1. what is burdock root used to help
  2. with of these should you NOT eat?
  3. what is water mint used for
  4. what are juniper berries used for
  5. wich one of these is used for fear, anxiety and shock
  6. coltsfoot is used to treat
  7. pregnet cats should NEVER be given
  8. alright now for a tricky question: what is MUD used for?
  9. what is cobweb used for
  10. what is burdock root used for?
  11. what is basil used for
  12. what is goldenrod used for?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true medicine cat?