Medicine Cats Quiz

Ever though of being a clan medicine cat? Now you can see if you qualify! Take this test to find out.In this test you will see if you are a qualified medicine cat.If you're not, try warrior apprenticeship insteed.

Since your wish is to be a clan medicine cat, start by studying your herbs. This test can show you whether you need help from your mentor, you need to be a warrior insteed, or you're right on track. Try it out!

Created by: amazon

  1. What herb is best for rat bite?
  2. What herb is best for greencough?
  3. What herb is best for infection?
  4. Which herb is the best for scratches?
  5. What herb is good for sore throats?
  6. What herb is good for aching bones?
  7. What is good for hard breathing?
  8. Which herb is good for toothache?
  9. What is good for broken legs and wounds?
  10. Which of the following is a medicine cat rule?

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