How well do you know your Warriors?

Lots of people THINK they know the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. But very few actually have the knowledge of a respected warrior. What is true knowledge? That is knowing every little detail of the warrior series, and every little secret. Continue if you want to find out how much you know.

Do you truly want to know if you have ful knowledge? Take this 15 question quiz to find out. Test your mind, and truly think about each question. You may surprise yourself! Also, keep watch for my second quiz, How well do you know your warriors 2, with harder questions!

Created by: spottednose

  1. (THE DARKEST HOUR) Who gives Firestar a life for nobility?
  2. (The Darkest Hour) Who warned Firestar of Scourge's greatest weakness?
  3. (Eclipse) What happened to Toadkit while he was chasing a bee?
  4. (Into The Wild) What does Smudge say about the forest cats?
  5. (Into the Wild) Who does Rusty first fight when he comes to the ThunderClan camp?
  6. (Dawn) Who does Leafpaw make friends with when she is captured by Twolegs?
  7. (The Last Hope) Who came to help the Clans during their battle against the Dark Forest?
  8. (Sunrise) What do Jayfeather and Lionblaze say to the rest of the Clan when Hollyleaf "dies"?
  9. (Outcast) During a training session, Lionpaw battles Ashfur. What does Lionpaw do that shocks everyone, even Ashfur?
  10. (The Forgotten Warrior) How does Sol decieve WindClan and ThunderClan to make them fight against each other?
  11. (The Fourth Apprentice) Who does Firestar confess he thought was originally the Three?
  12. (Moonrise) How does Feathertail die?
  13. (The Last Hope) Who does Ivypool try to save from Brokenstar's evil plans during the battle?
  14. (Into the Wild) How does Spottedleaf die?
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Quiz topic: How well do I know my Warriors?