How well do you know the Flood Escape 2 Warriors?

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Warriors are people who are courageous and brave, they take on the hardest challenges in order to become better and meet their expectations. They overbear their mistakes and get up again. A concept to inspire many. A Warrior is cooperative and smart, and knows how to cooperate with others. So if you are like that, congratulations! It is your own decision if you choose to become a Warrior.

This quiz is based on the Flood Escape 2 Warriors series by Lugia731. Where a group of Warriors go on adventures, teach and rescue people. They also uncover mysteries surrounding Crazyblox and the destruction of Flood Escape. Do you think you know the Warriors story and characters? Then take this quiz and see how you do! Hopefully you got enough knowledge to complete this! Are you a true fan or fellow Warrior?

Created by: Lugia731V

  1. Why was the Warriors series created?
  2. When was the first Warriors episode released?
  3. How was the Warriors series created?
  4. Who are the Leading Warriors? (Basically, what role do they represent?)
  5. Who are the Certified Warriors? (Same as the Leading Warrior question.)
  6. How many Warriors are there in total? (Leads + Certs and the Leader)
  7. TutuBaek2nd was always a Computer Player, true or false?
  8. How do you even become a Certified Warrior?!?!
  9. Who was the first person to be accepted into the Leading Warriors rank?
  10. How many areas are there of the Warriors Headquarters?
  11. During a Warriors event, there was a poem connected to VRANZO about a flower that symbolized him. What was the flower's name?
  12. Who was the first to do a voice recording for anything related to the story and PLAYED in a video?
  13. STORY: In the episode of escaping the Lobby, two Leading Warriors are seen running for the 5th button, who are they?
  14. STORY: The only person who had changed to a different outfit which didn't match the picture in a speech bubble, was:
  15. STORY: How did Guide end Crazyblox's life?
  16. STORY: What was the project name for VRANZO's transformation?
  17. STORY: Who of the following people have received a change of outfit permanently?
  18. STORY: WinterDAWolfie is in a relationship with:
  19. STORY: The Warriors Rescue Team consists of how many people? (Including the Leader)
  20. STORY: Which of these maps made by the COMMUNITY have been included in the story?
  21. [SPOILER] STORY: Who was shown to be having healing powers in any form? (HQ or Video)
  22. [SPOILER] STORY: The DaniDay22 talking to Lugia731 at the 2nd HQ IS a clone - True or False?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Flood Escape 2 Warriors?