How much do you know about Flood Escape 2?

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This quiz is about FE2 which is Flood Escape 2. It's a game on Roblox. From maps to floods, from buttons to difficulties, this test will test you on everything you know about them!

Before you take this quiz...1. Remind yourself of Flood Escape 2. 2. Watch Flood Escape 2 on Youtube. 3. FE2 Map Test is useful for this test so watch and play it as well as the normal game!

Created by: Cole
  1. What is Poisonous Valley?
  2. How long is Beneath the Ruins?
  3. Why is Crazyblox declining Core?
  4. Out of all the easy maps in Flood Escape 2, which one has lava?
  5. In Flood Escape 2 Map Test, What difficulty do most people use?
  6. Why do most people fall into the acid or lava in Sky Sanctuary?
  7. Dark Sci-Facility or Beneath The Ruins, which on is harder?
  8. In Flood Escape 2, which is the most sensible reason why Crazyblox is not adding much more maps to the game so far?
  9. In Flood Escape Map Test, what type of flood looks most popular?
  10. Which Flood Escape 2 fan made game stole maps from Flood Escape 2's map test?
  11. In Flood Escape 2 Map Test, Emerald Village is a map. The question is... What country does the music in it sound like?
  12. Why is Crazyblox not updating Flood Escape???
  13. Which map is the most related to what the game is about?
  14. Why did Autumn Hideaway go out of the game?
  15. Why do people never make the second part in Lost Desert?
  16. How many buttons does Shutdown have?
  17. In Overflow (a FE2 fan made game), how much harder are the insane maps then in Flood Escape 2?
  18. How long does water take to drown someone in Flood Escape 2?
  19. In Overflow (again, a Flood Escape 2 fan made game), What set of things do they have that Flood Escape 2 does not have?
  20. What is the hardest normal map in Flood Escape 2?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Flood Escape 2?