How well do you know Lugia731?

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Do you think you know the Flood Escape 2 Community Artist and YouTuber Lugia731? Then take this quiz and see how you do! Hopefully you got enough knowledge to complete this quiz! Are you a true fan?

Lugia731 is focused on playing Roblox video games and mainly uploading Flood Escape 2 on the Youtube channel, well known in the community. As well as creating speedpaints!

Created by: Lugia731
  1. Since when did Lugia731 start drawing in the Paint Tool SAI software?
  2. In which year was Lugia731 born?
  3. Which video made Lugia731's Youtube channel "explode" in the Flood Escape 2 community?
  4. How many maps has Lugia731 created? (Solo and Collabs)
  5. Lugia731's map Galaxy Collapse was given a second name by the community, what was it?
  6. The moment of truth: What is Lugia731's correct gender pronouns?
  7. What is the main reason Lugia731 DOESN'T accept friend requests?!?!
  8. Which Roblox avatar is Lugia731 most known for?
  9. What is Lugia731's favourite map in Flood Escape 2 to do backwards?
  10. Who is Lugia731's Backwards Buddy?
  11. How long did it take Lugia731 to complete Dark Sci-Facility?
  12. Which map from the Map Test community is Lugia731 most attached to playing and viewing updates about?
  13. What kind of community maps is Lugia731 looking for?
  14. Why did Lugia731 create the Warriors series?
  15. What is the MAIN reason Lugia731 is not going to compete on the Flood Escape 2 leaderboard anymore?
  16. Why is Lugia731 making YouTube videos?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Lugia731?