How well do you know Jayfeather?

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Test your knowledge on the popular medicine cat, Jayfeather. Personally, he is my favorite alongside Longtail. See whether you know this cat like the back of your hand... or not

Also; this contains spoilers for Warriors; do not play unless you've read the whole series! With that, have fun, and see just how well you know this character.

Created by: Jayfeather Fan of My channel on YT
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  1. What is Jayfeather most scared of?
  2. Why disorder does Jayfeather have?
  3. What is Jayfeather's stick called?
  4. Who are Jayfeather's Real Parents?
  5. Who was Jayfeather's mentor before Leafpool?
  6. Why did Jayfeather get his medicine cat name?
  7. Why was Jayfeather exiled by Bramblestar's Imposter?
  8. Who did Jayfeather love? (Canon, not headcanon!)
  9. What is Jayfeather most of the time?
  10. How did Jayfeather break his stick?
  11. In which book did Jayfeather break his stick?
  12. Why did he earn the prefix, 'Jay'?
  13. Who was Jayfeather's apprentice?
  14. Who is Jayfeather's friend he meets via his stick?
  15. What happened to Jayfeather after the Dark Forest Battle?
  16. What are Jayfeather's powers?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Jayfeather?