Are you Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, or Lionblaze? (A WC quiz)

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This is a Warrior Cats Quiz that tests you to see which of the cats of the prophecy you would be; Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, or Lionblaze! I personally like all of them for different reasons.

I hope you like this quiz, I worked really hard on it and put a lot of effort into it, so I hope this gets good reviews. Which of the power of three cats is your favorite? Thank you!

Created by: SilverLimeForest
  1. Which personality suits you best?
  2. Medicicine Cat or Warrior?
  3. Your Clan is starving in leaf-bare, you spot a piece of prey, and catch it, and you know that the clan has to be fed first, but you feel too weak to catch anything else from hunger, so you…
  4. What color would your pelt be, if you were a warrior cat?
  5. If you were a warrior cat, you would be…
  6. Would you be a blind cat, or a cat with sight?
  7. Brave, determained, or self-focused?
  8. Okay, quick question, do you like this quiz so far? (Answer won’t effect your score!)
  9. Your best friend is being held on the edge of death, you have two choices; save your friend, at the cost of your own life, or stay alive, and let your friend die.
  10. Last question: do you believe your fate it already set out for you, and you must follow its path, or do you believe that your paws are guided by StarClan, setting you on the right track but needing you to make your own choices?

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Quiz topic: Am I Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, or Lionblaze? (A WC quiz)